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Black History Month – NHCA 2nd Graders Honor Memphis Musicians

In honor of Black History month, New Hope second grade students worked very hard to prepare presentations on famous African American musicians who influenced Memphis. The students learned how to follow the steps of a research project to synthesize information into a summary describing their musician. The students were to create a presentation to showcase everything they learned. In order to help the project come alive, the students performed the song, “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding. We are so proud of the creativity and hard work the students put into their projects. From poetry to singing, to Facebook pages, the students “WOWED” us. The city of Memphis has been heavily influenced by blues, jazz, and soul music. We wanted to take the students outside of their everyday understanding of pop culture music and introduce them to music for which our city is known. We are blessed to have such a heavy influence of music and it was exciting to watch our students engage in it.

Enjoy the music….