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Meet Me In Saint Louis

20131116_133527One recent weekend, “Sweetie Pie’s Restaurant” in St. Louis was packed with six bus loads of patrons, including some very special guests from Memphis and Chicago.

20131116_133602If you have ever seen the reality television show  “Sweetie Pie’s,”  you know it is about this family-owned restaurant in Saint Louis.  The family is known to be loving; the food is delicious and the atmosphere electric. Traveling on a weekend bus trip, New Hope Christian Academy’s Dean of Students Cecilia Bell, not only found these things to be true, but was extremely surprised and thrilled to see and be able to fellowship with one New Hope family. New Hope student Layla Murray and her mother Yolanda Thigpen were passengers on another tour bus from Memphis and anxious to indulge in the cuisine at Sweetie Pies.

20131116_133716Television cameras were rolling, and guests were running to snap pictures of  Sweetie Pie herself as she warmly greeted her guests.     As she walked among the crowd she graciously agreed to take a few pictures with her new friends from New Hope.  If you are ever in St. Louis, you should stop in for some good old Southern hospitality and food cooked with “lots of butter.”  You never know who you might see there!