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Come One, Come All – Celebrate God’s Creation at the Creation Celebration

CREATION CELEBRATION POSTERFor the last six years, New Hope’s fifth grade students have completed a research project developed by upper school science teacher Mary Leslie Ramsey and library media / technology integration specialist Lori Carter.  The project known culminates this year in the

Creation Celebration

In addition to celebrating this study of the diversity of God’s creation, we will be celebrating the creativity of our own fourth grade students as they share their inventions in the fourth grade Invention Convention.  Our community partners will also be taking part in the celebration sharing information about how we can better care for God’s creation. Be sure to come and participate in the festivities.  Register for some terrific door prizes.

Operation Conservation was originally conceived as a research based learning experience for New Hope’s fifth grade students and was submitted by Mrs. Carter as the culminating project for her Master’s Degree in Educational Technology.   Working with Mrs. Ramsey, Mrs. Carter developed the Operation Conservation website which acts as a research guide and store house of resources for the project.  The website has been updated yearly and the project has since been utilized by classes across the United States and around the world.

This year, in addition to utilizing the website and web resources for research, New Hope’s fifth grade students were able to work collaboratively online through the use of their Google Apps for Education accounts.  Students wrote their reports in Google Docs, shared them with their partners and instructors, and received timely feedback on their efforts.  Students were then able to edit their work, making needed corrections and doing further research before the assignments final due date.   The use of Google Docs has also made it possible for students to work collaboratively across class sections to produce presentations on similar biomes that will be shown during the Creation Celebration on Thursday night.  The use of the web-based Google Docs also allowed students to work on their papers and presentations from any computer with Internet access after school hours.

Students learned several basic tech skills and were able to work collaboratively online, while studying core curricular content and developing essential research skills.  This is the basis for all integration of technology at New Hope, technology use as a learning tool not just for the sake of utilizing technology.