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Second Graders Utilize iPads to Practice Math Facts

photo (16)New Hope believes it is essential that students master the basic math facts in the primary grades as facts are the building blocks for higher-order mathematical skills and concepts taught in the upper grades. Research has shown that rapid recall of basic math facts makes learning more advanced mathematical concepts easier. Students who know their facts do not have to work as hard to complete basic computation when solving more complex problems.

photo (12)Mrs. O’Hare’s second grade class recently utilized the free Math Cards application installed on New Hope’s iPads to practice their addition, subtraction, and multiplication math facts.  Students love the interactivity and immediate feedback that the iPads provide. Furthermore, we have found that the use of technology increases student engagement and interest, and they will spend more time working to master their facts.  The Math Cards application is free and works on any device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) utilizing iOS5 or higher.  We encourage parents of lower school students who have iOS devices to download this application to provide additional facts practice at home or in the car.

photo (14)In addition to practicing their math facts, Mrs. O’Hare’s students are learning how to responsibly care for technology.  Mrs. O’Hare spent time instructing students in the proper way to carry and utilize the iPads, emphasizing that Christians should always be good stewards of what the Lord has provided for us.

You don’t have to have an iPad or iPhone to provide technology enhanced math facts practice.  If you don’t have a touch device, try these free web based flash card applications.

Don’t forget that New Hope also provides all students with an IXL account for additional practice in problem solving.