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Student Pick of the Week: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Sixth graders Te’Hani W. and Gabrielle M. enthusiastically recommend Cinder: Book One of The Lunar Chronicles, a very unique take on the well-known Cinderella story, by Marissa Meyer.

Fairy tales have been staples of the literary canon for almost as long as there have been stories.  Almost every culture has their own Cinderella tale – a rags to riches story where the protagonist finds true love and happiness after a life of hardship.  Cinderella stories are meaningful across cultures and times.

In Meyer’s version of the classic story, Cinder is a young cyborg (part human, part machine), who lives in a distant dystopian future where the world is recovering from an apocalyptic world war.   Cinder’s family  struggles to survive and closely resembles the characters in the traditional Cinderella tale.  Her adoptive mother and one of her adoptive sisters are just as evil as their prototypes, but the second sister is a true friend to Cinder. Instead of a fairy godmother, Cinder has a helpful robot, and of course, there is a handsome prince. Throw in a deadly plague and the threat of a lunar invasion lead by a queen who wants the prince for herself, and you have a fabulous, fascinating, can’t put the book down read.

Gabrielle particularly enjoyed Ms. Meyers wonderful world building and detailed descriptions of  the novel’s futuristic setting and life-like characters.  Check out Gabrielle’s book trailer for Cinder.

Just to tease you a bit more, here’s the professional trailer for Cinder.

And . . . if you enjoy Cinder be sure to look for the second book in the series, Scarlet, a retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood” set in Cinder’s world.

The series will eventually include Cress, a retelling of “Rapunzel”, and Winter, Meyer’s version of “Snow White.”