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Welcome Back!

What comes to mind when you think of the word elevate? Perhaps elevators or high-flying basketball players? Google defines the word as follows:
el·e·vate (ˈeləˌvāt/) verb
1. raise or lift (something) up to a higher position.
2. raise to a more important or impressive level.
This year at New Hope, we’re taking ‘elevate’ (pardon the pun…) to a whole new level! Next Friday, August 15, at our annual afterschool Ice Cream Social, we’ll be kicking off the year together by introducing our school’s very first formal strategic plan, appropriately entitled- Elevate! There’ll be ice cream sundaes, fellowship, and lots of fun. 
It’s a great time to be a part of God’s redemptive work here at New Hope Christian Academy- welcome back to the family, everyone! I count it as a privilege to lead us into our19th year together.
In Christ,
Stephen Steiner, Head of School